Why Is My Cappuccino Watery?

There are several reasons why your cappuccino may be coming out watery.

These include inadequate extraction, insufficient grind size, low brew temperature, insufficient dose, and inadequate tamp size.

Additionally, poor tamping and finely ground coffee can also contribute to a watery consistency.

Why Does My Cappuccino Taste Like Water?

There are several reasons why your cappuccino may taste like water.

These include not using enough coffee, using incorrectly ground coffee beans, a short brewing time, using soft water, and dirty equipment.

What Do I Do If My Cappuccino Is Watery?

To make your cappuccino less watery, you can try using a finer grind of coffee and using less water when you make your espresso.

A finer grind will slow down the extraction process, resulting in a more concentrated shot of espresso.

Using less water will also make the espresso more concentrated and give it a stronger flavor.

Additionally, you can try adjusting other factors such as the brewing time, water temperature, and tamp size to see if they have an impact on the consistency of your cappuccino.