About Cappuccinoed

Hey there, fellow cappuccino lover! Shane here – a big welcome to Cappuccinoed.

I’m fueled by an ungodly amount of coffee and a passion for all things frothy. Over the years, I’ve sipped, slurped, and (occasionally) spilled, all in the quest for the perfect cappuccino.

shane from cappuccinoed with coffee

Diving into the cappuccino world can feel like learning a new dance: one misstep and you’ve got two left feet (or a burnt tongue). But don’t sweat it! From the mysteries of bean roasting to the quirks of the latest coffee machines, I’ve got your back. I’ve roamed coffee farms, chatted with baristas more hip than your favorite indie band, and put coffee machines through their paces.
So, stick around. Whether you’re a newbie looking to avoid a coffee catastrophe or a seasoned brewmaster, Cappuccinoed is here to sprinkle a little fun on your coffee journey. Let’s make every sip a story worth telling! – Shane (PS – we’re now on Pinterest with lots of goodies to come there, so be sure to check us out)


…and remember…

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