When Is Cappuccino Served In Italy?

In Italy, cappuccinos are usually only drunk in the morning but never after a meal.

It’s not uncommon to see people having a cappuccino and a pastry for breakfast.

That said, there are some exceptions to this rule.

For instance, if you’re at a cafĂ© that also serves food, it’s perfectly acceptable to order a cappuccino with your meal at any time of the day.

When Do You Drink Cappuccino In Italy?

In Italy, cappuccino is usually drunk before 11 am in the morning.

Do Italians Drink Cappuccino After Dinner?

No, Italians prefer espresso over cappuccino after dinner.

Do Italians Only Drink Cappuccino In The Morning?

There is no hard and fast rule about when Italians do or don’t drink cappuccino.

While it’s true that most Italians prefer to enjoy their cappuccino in the morning, there’s no law against having one later in the day.

In fact, many Italians enjoy an afternoon cappuccino as a pick-me-up after lunch.

Do Italians Drink Espresso Or Cappuccino In The Morning?

Italians usually drink cappuccino in the morning and espresso after dinner.

Do Italians Drink Cappuccino In The Afternoon?

No, Italians do not drink cappuccino in the afternoon.

Italians believe that drinking cappuccino might replace their meal because of milk and foam.

Dairy is heavy on the stomach and may upset digestion.

Do Italians Drink Cappuccinos At Night?

No, Italians do not drink cappuccinos at night.

They mostly prefer espresso over cappuccinos at night.