What Is Sprinkled On Top Of Cappuccino?

Cocoa powder or Cinnamon is sprinkled on top of cappuccino.

This not only adds flavor but also makes for a pretty presentation.

What Is The Dusting On A Cappuccino?

Cappuccino coffee drink is usually topped with a dusting of sugar coated with cocoa powder.

While the powder might look like it’s just for decoration, it actually serves an important purpose.

The cocoa powder helps to absorb the oils from the espresso, preventing them from floating on top of the foam.

This gives the cappuccino a more intense flavor and a richer texture.

The sugar also helps to balance out the bitterness of the coffee and enhances the sweetness of the milk.

What Is The Chocolate Stuff On Top Of A Cappuccino?

The chocolate stuff on top of a cappuccino typically either Poldermill sprinkles or cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder is made from ground up cocoa beans, and it contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than does chocolate.

When used as a topping for cappuccinos, both Poldermill sprinkles and cocoa powder help to create a traditional cafe-style drink.

What Kind Of Chocolate Is Sprinkled On Cappuccino?

You can sprinkle any type of chocolate on cappuccino. It can be anything from cocoa powder to milky chocolate.

But a dark chocolate would give a maximum flavor when sprinkled on a cappuccino.