How Is Cappuccino Made In Italy?

In Italy, a cappuccino is made with 25 ml of espresso, and the rest of the cup is filled with equal parts of steamed milk and foam.

What Is A Traditional Italian Cappuccino?

A traditional cappuccino in Italy is made with 25 ml of espresso and equal parts of steamed milk and milk foam.

It typically has one shot of espresso and at least 85 ml of milk that is foamed perfectly.

What Do Italians Put On Cappuccino?

According to Italians, cinnamon powder or cocoa should be sprinkled on top to make a perfect cappuccino.

Do Italians Put Chocolate On Their Cappuccino?

No, Italians do not put chocolate or chocolate powder on top of their cappuccinos.

There are some regions in Italy where adding a touch of chocolate to your cappuccino is the norm.

Although, it’s certainly not a nationwide practice.

You’re more likely to find cappuccinos served without any chocolate in many parts of Italy.  

Other coffee-drinking cultures have introduced putting chocolate on top of a cappuccino.

Do Italians Put Cinnamon On Their Cappuccino?

No, Italians do not put cinnamon on their cappuccino.

In fact, most Italians would probably be horrified.

Italians believe that adding an aromatic spice like cinnamon would sully their beloved cappuccino.

In Italy, cinnamon is more commonly used in coffee desserts like tiramisu.

What Type Of Milk Do Italians Use For Cappuccino?

Italians usually prefer whole milk for making cappuccino.