Does Cappuccino Have Chocolate?

Yes, Cappuccino does have chocolate dusted on top as a decoration or added flavor.

Some variations of the cappuccino include flavoring syrups or spices, but the most common topping is chocolate.

Chocolate shavings or powder are usually sprinkled on top of the foam, adding a sweet and decadent flavor to the drink.

What Is The Chocolate Stuff On Top Of A Cappuccino?

The chocolate powder that is used to garnish cappuccinos is actually called cocoa powder.

It is made by grinding up the dried beans of the cacao tree. Cocoa powder has a rich, intense flavor and is relatively bitter.

What Is A Cappuccino With Chocolate Called?

A cappuccino with chocolate is still called a cappuccino but with added flavor.

Do Italians Put Chocolate On Cappuccino?

No, Italians do not put chocolate on top of a cappuccino.

In Italy, where cappuccino originated, it is common to enjoy the drink without any added flavoring.

However, in other countries, it is not unusual to find cappuccino with a dusting of chocolate or a dollop of whipped cream on top.