What Size Nespresso Pod For Cappuccino?

For a cappuccino, you can use either a 40ml espresso Nespresso pod or an 80ml double espresso pod.

The size of the Nespresso pod you choose will depend on the size of your cappuccino and your personal preference.

How Big Is A Nespresso Cappuccino?

A Nespresso cappuccino is usually 6 ounces in total, with a double shot of espresso (2 ounces) serving as the base.

However, the size of your cappuccino can vary depending on the size of the Nespresso pod you use and the amount of milk and foam you add.

How Many ML Is A Cappuccino Nespresso?

The factory-programmed coffee volume for a cappuccino made with an automatic Nespresso machine is 40 ml of coffee and 50 ml of milk, totaling 90 ml.

However, you can adjust the volume of your cappuccino by using a different size Nespresso pod or by adding more or less milk and foam to your drink.