How To Order A Cappuccino

When ordering a cappuccino at a coffee shop, you can simply ask for a “cappuccino”. Some places may also have size options, such as a “small cappuccino” or “large cappuccino”.

How Do You Ask For A Cappuccino?

You can ask for a cappuccino by saying “Can I have a cappuccino, please?” or “I’ll have a cappuccino”.

Do You Order Cappuccino With Sugar?

It is not necessary to order cappuccino with sugar, as it is traditionally served without sugar. However, some coffee shops may offer sugar as an option, so you can always ask if they do.

How Do I Order A Cappuccino With Less Foam?

If you would like a cappuccino with less foam, you can ask for a “dry cappuccino” or “less foam cappuccino”. Some places may have different terminology, so you can also ask the barista to make the cappuccino with less foam specifically.